Gym- activity

In this experience, I started going to gym regularly to maintain my health. I decided to start with the gym in my building and get a personal trainer from outside once I am regular. I usually went in the morning after eating 2 spoons of honey as my pre-workout meal. The first week was very tough and I wanted to give up and leave as I had pain in my entire body and it was very exhausting but as I got regular I started to enjoy the activity, by the end of the 3rd week, I used to go willingly and enjoy going to gym as it made me feel active and kept my mood happy. I am very lethargic so this activity motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I truly enjoyed the experience and love working out everyday.

LO1 : 

For more than three months, I’ve been working out, and it’s been amazing. Throughout my journey, there have been many ups and downs for me. I learned more about my own skills and weaknesses as a result of taking part in this exercise. It teaches discipline and a solid foundation of values. Gym developed my ability to continuously improve myself and develop strengths in different areas of life. Thanks to gymnastics, I was able to gain new strength and improve my physical strength. I have noticed that my strength, endurance and flexibility have increased, leading to improvements in other areas of my life.  

LO3 :

To attain my goal, I had to plan out my training programme. For instance, I scheduled leg day, core day, and many other exercise days into each day of the week. These days assisted with my general development. This required me to take the initiative and be proactive in spotting and seizing opportunities to achieve my goals as well as creating and carrying out plans to do so.

LO5 : 

Being outside is something I enjoy doing because it’s a terrific way to release toxins that have been shown to uplift us. Exercises in the gym encourage regular practise and strength training to support your joints, muscles, and ground you. With exercise, I developed the resilience to overcome failures and disappointments and to remain focused and devoted to reaching my goals in the face of obstacles.Fitness can be a solitary activity, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work with personal trainers and other gym enthusiasts.In order to improve my form and avoid injury, I’ve asked others for advice and support. I learned the importance of asking for advice to avoid injuries.

LO6 : 

I now incorporate going to the gym into my daily routine. I now have a clear awareness of its advantages, which include advantages for both my physical and emotional health. It has also made me more aware of the dangers linked to certain diets and exercises. It helped me broaden my perspective, appreciate other people’s perspectives and cultures, and improve my ability to collaborate and communicate with people from other backgrounds.