Murals In school (Creativity)

I was always interested in doing creative things and related to paintings and visual arts. I wanted to paint the walls of our school to make it creative. I took CAS as an opportunity to take out some time and express my creativity through murals. I made murals in school in order to leave a memory behind before I pass out from school. We were a bunch of 5-6 people who collaboratively made 3 murals in school. One was, writing quotes from famous books in the story well. The second mural was a glass painting on the visual arts room’s door, where we made sunflower inspired from vincent van Gogh’s series “sunflower.” The third mural was of wall painting of Padma pani. This painting was made with natural colors like the black color was kajal powder, brown color was red soil and white color was chuna.

(L2:  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills) The challenge faced by me was, I had never made artwork in my life so I was a little nervous to try that out for the very first time. I took help from my peers while making the murals in our school. I even gave inputs through ideas and also improvised my peer’s ideas.

L5:  Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively) Working with others is generally easy for me because I like to work in a group and collaborate with each other. I had to work with anyone difficult because our ideas didn’t match and because of that, we couldn’t work collaboratively while making the mural but eventually, we came to a mutual understanding and made murals. The importance of teamwork in my activity was that making murals is time-consuming and if we have more people working it will take less time.