CAS project- IPMUN

As part of the organising team , I played a key role in the planning and execution of the event, I was the under secretary general. My main responsibilities included coordinating with faculty advisors, organizing fundraising efforts, and managing the participant registration process. I learned a lot about event planning, teamwork and leadership. I gained skills in project management, communication and problem solving. These skills will be valuable in future academic and professional endeavors. 

LO 5: Demonstrate skills and recognise the benefits of collaborative work.

One of my most important experiences is organizing events. It’s always fun to be on the event planning committee, but this time I wanted to be part of the core committee. I wasn’t very experienced with their MUN. I participated as a one-day volunteer. I was immediately appointed under Secretary General. We decided to distinguish this MUN from other MUNs because everyone on the core committee shared our vision. We have done our best to ensure the success of IPMUN. In addition to the delegates, my personal contribution was public relations and the smooth running of the event. As under Secretary General , I had to manage the venue and work with all the OC members to make this MUN a success. Working with and delegating with a group of teenagers my age was a daunting task.

LO 2: Show that you have taken on challenges and learned new skills in the process.

At first, it was frustrating when the person in charge didn’t finish their work, so I did everything myself. We also asked if they were satisfied with the work they were doing. That’s when I realized I made a mistake. My weakness was the inability to delegate and collaborate across teams. I have learned to trust people in their work, share roles and responsibilities fairly, and encourage them to work hard. My strength has always been planning and execution, but leadership was a new skill for me.

It has always been difficult for me to work with others because I have a very different perspective on how to work. But during IPMUN, I realized that there are ways to persuade people to agree, open their minds and listen to ideas. Because that’s what makes me a good leader.

LO 3: Initiative & planning

I took the initiative and planned ahead to make sure the meeting ran smoothly. This includes identifying potential challenges and developing strategies to address them, such as I have a busy schedule and have different ideas about how to run the meeting, so I coordinate with my faculty advisor. But we were able to work together effectively and communicate clearly to make sure everyone was on the same page. It was to make sure we had enough money to cover. Organized a series of fundraising activities such as bake sales and car washes and was able to raise enough money to cover the costs.